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All my programs are adapted and customized to the needs of the company. Therefore the duration and content are approximate as they can be modified and combined with each other.

Customer service

Duration : 1 day (8h)

Target group: employees who deal with customers in person. Customer service, shops, hospitals, commercial, schools, retail, hospitality, etc.

Objective: Program aimed at any company that wants to generate a WOW effect on its customers. Recent studies have shown that customers do not buy a product, they actually buy an experience, they buy the benefit that the product is going to provide them.

In this course, I teach employees how to identify the needs and expectations of their customers on the one hand and the expectations of their customers on the other hand. This is the only way to define the customer’s “satisfaction threshold” in order to generate a positive emotional resonance that will bring them total satisfaction. This program is aimed at anyone who deals with customers in any sector, in order to increase customer loyalty and productivity.

Call centre – customer relationship call centre

Duration : 1 day (8h)

Target group: telephone operators and people who deal with customers over the telephone. Call Centre, Customer Success Manager, telephone sales centers, etc.

Objective: Specialized program in telephone communication. The course focuses on giving tele-operators the necessary tools to master telephone communication in order to influence and build customer loyalty. Orienting the customer to better meet their expectations and needs, knowing how to redirect hostile customer behavior and understanding the basics of verbal and non-verbal communication are some of the subjects covered in this program.

Organisational culture

Duration : 1 day (8h)

Target group: all employees of a company.

Objective: Program aimed at raising awareness, transmitting and experiencing the company’s values. As part of the initial integration of new employees, or as support and follow-up work to reinforce the company culture and promote them. A playful, experiential and fun day that allows people to adhere to the company culture in a simple and natural way.


Duration : 10 modules of 4h to be carried out over a recommended period of 3 months.

Target group : Middle management and management

Objective: This program has been designed to increase the skills and attitudes of people who are in charge of other people. In it, we will work on MANAGEMENT SKILLS such as: preparing efficient meetings, time management, learning to delegate, learning to give and receive feedback, different types of leadership and more. It also facilitates LEADERSHIP ATTITUDES such as learning the basics of verbal and non-verbal communication, emotional management, knowing how to motivate teams, adapting the type of leadership to the cycle or stage in which the company is (existence, survival, success, start-up, maturity, transformation, etc.), increasing the emotional intelligence of the leader, presence, empathy, assertiveness, knowing how to speak in public and many other attitudes necessary for good leadership.

Learn how to connect from authenticity with teams to improve your influence!

Team cohesion

Duration : 1 day (8h)

Target group: teams and their leaders.

Objective: This workshop helps to achieve united, productive and motivated teams. In it we will see the basic stages of team building, we will work in a playful and experiential way with games and group dynamics to achieve greater cohesion. To detect operational problems among team members and replace them with greater mutual understanding. Allow everyone to take ownership of the objective that must be integrated and achieved together.

Emotional intelligence

Duration : 1 day (8h)

To whom it is addressed : to all

Objective: This workshop provides the basics of emotional intelligence and its development. To get to know the basic emotions and their raison d’être, to learn to identify one’s own emotions in order to recognise those of others and thus improve relations between people through empathy. To learn a concrete method for managing emotions in the professional and private sphere.

Change management

Duration : 1 day (8h)

To whom it is addressed : to all

Objective: This workshop facilitates the understanding of the stages of change and helps to go through them. Change is something that often destabilizes human beings because our brain is programmed to protect us and every new situation represents a danger that our brain resists. In this course I provide a concrete method to overcome the different stages of change and to succeed.

Stress management

Duration : 1 day (8h)

To whom it is addressed : to all

Objective: This workshop facilitates the understanding of stress in a conceptual and experiential way. It helps us to understand emotions and learn to manage them in critical periods. It helps us to manage the demands of everyday professional and private life as calmly as possible, containing situations and understanding the impact they have on people.

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